Sunday, July 13, 2008

Social Life - Image

Whats with people nowadays? While I was hanging out with some of my friends the other day, one of my friends brought up "Shopping" into the conversation. How often do you go shopping? was the question being adressed at first, but then it escalated to how much of an impact your style makes on your image. I couldnt agree more with that. I always dress accordingly to the person I feel I am. Some people (no need to disclose names), however, go too far. Maybe its social pressure, or maybe they are not in touch with their inner self, who knows? I just disagree with posers. There are others who spend a rediculous amount of time in their wardrobe (Women for the most part). I just dont understand women. Why the heck would they take so long to dress up? do they want to express too much ? or are they just afraid of expressing themselves? I will never know!


lolcrzgrl said...

haha. I dont take long to dress up, takes 10 minutes to get ready and go out... The problem with most of the girls is that they dont go out if they dont look good. yea? of course most women feel like the outer look is very important. i dont know, but me. if i feel beautiful then i am more confident about myself. lol. but whats up with that? i thought guys dont like women all messed up so women take long to look good

Jay L said...

i assume i am one of those haha. But honestly i do judge by the way people dress, and thats wheer about 30% of my first impressions of people come from. I used to think like you back then with my funny hair and funny clothes, but as one becomes more active in the social scene, dressing becomes critical in meeting new people and establishing a good first impression. ok it is fine if one spends 5 minutes getting changed in a regular day, but when you know that there is a change of socializing you show try your best to look good and smell goood. I know some people do it because of peer pressure, but once u reach a certain point the pressure is gone and thats the person that you are, because honestly what you are now is built from the influences that u had back then. And yeah some people might be posers, but most people just develop a sense of fashion and it becomes a hobby spending time in the wardrobe or the shopping mall, is just a hobby like any other. e.g: WOW, that one seems to be a real big waste of time and money, but if thats what you enjoy then thats totally fine.